Kate Woods


An anonymous donor has made a generous gift to the Pinnacles Condor Fund in memory of Kate Woods. As a reporter for The Pinnacle, an independent weekly newspaper based in Hollister, Kate covered the Pinnacles Condor Project with a depth and commitment exceeding that of any other publication. She and the paper enthusiastically supported the return of condors to Pinnacles, and her articles—typically featured on the front page—reached a wide audience, many of whom had otherwise limited exposure to condors and the park. Beyond condors, Kate’s writing recognized the value of Pinnacles as a hotspot for biodiversity and a sanctuary for a number of plant and animal species. As a long-time rural resident of San Benito County, Kate was adamant about preserving and protecting the natural heritage of her home.

The Pinnacles Condor Fund is a dedicated fund that supports the unmet needs of the Condor Recovery program at Pinnacles National Park.