Help preserve and protect Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park Foundation - California

It is our mission to ensure excellence in education, resource stewardship,
and visitor experiences at Pinnacles National Park.


Supporting educational opportunities for diverse communities of visitors to learn about and be inspired by the park. Your gifts create opportunities for youth to visit, learn, and work in the park, helping to create the next generation of park stewards.

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Resource Stewardship

Supporting research and resource management for the long term protection of the parks natural and cultural resources. Your gifts help to restore habitats and conserve wildlife including the iconic California condor.

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Visitor Experiences

Visitor experience enhancements include programs and projects that create enjoyable and engaging visits to the park and encourage meaningful connections for the parks diverse user communities.

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Parks With a Purpose

Your gift to the Pinnacles National Park Foundation provides for the unmet needs of Pinnacles National Park and is essential for the lasting protection of the park for future generations.

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Solstice Member Hike

Members are invited to attend a guided hike at Pinnacles National Park East to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Not a member? You can join in support at the event with a donation.

Pinnacles National Park Foundation Condor Tour

Join REI and Pinnacles National Park Foundation for a hike at Pinnacles National Park to search for the majestic California Condor in its native habitat. You and your REI guide will be joined by an expert condor tracker and long-time volunteer…

Daniel Jones

I am a big fan of the National Parks. This is a nice place for a day trip.
All of the hikes in and around Pinnacles are fun.

Daniel Jones

Travelling Mntngal

Nice geological formations. Good walking trails. Worth the visit.

Travelling Mntngal