adopt a condor

You can help save California condors


The Pinnacles National Park Foundation is honored to assist biologists in their efforts to preserve and protect California condors at Pinnacles National Park.

You can too by adopting a California condor for yourself or as a gift.

Currently, 22 of the 45 condors in the Pinnacles flock wear GPS tags. Your donation will support this critical, technological tool that helps park biologists to identify and track individual birds.

As a thank you for your support, you will receive a photo and biography of your adopted bird, and three successive updates sharing health checkup information, and interesting habits of your bird observed by the Condor crew at Pinnacles based on information provided by their GPS tag.

Adopt a condor today to be a part of the amazing recovery story of the endangered California condor!

You have the choice to make your gift all at once or over 12 recurring monthly payments. Choose what works best for you when you check out.

Net proceeds support the Pinnacles Condor Fund, a designated fund of the Pinnacles National Park Foundation. The Pinnacles Condor Fund directly supports the Pinnacles Condor Recovery Program by providing matching dollars in support of condor GPS monitoring, as well as equipment and support of volunteer monitoring efforts of the endangered California condors in the Pinnacles flock.