Finding common ground for ranching and conservation



The San Benito Working Landscapes Group (SBWLG), a project of the Pinnacles National Park Foundation, is a voluntary partnership among agencies, ranchers, and non-governmental organizations that work with the ranching community and other landowners to identify conservation opportunities that help ranches stay viable to preserve the open landscapes of San Benito County.

In recognition of the vital role that ranchers play in caring for San Benito County’s unique and valuable rangelands, the SBWLG connects land owners and managers to tools, events, and opportunities to support the economic viability of family ranches, and the stewardship of natural and cultural resources. The SBWLG also connects willing landowners and conservation partners for on-the-ground range management or wildlife habitat improvement projects.

The methods used by the Working Landscapes Group to achieve these goals include meetings, community events, on-line and person-to-person information-sharing, and development of a Landowners’ Toolbox for San Benito County. Tools for interested landowners include: technical assistance, habitat improvement grants or cost-share programs, permit coordination, and financial and/or marketing tools to improve the economic viability of San Benito ranching and farming operations. Every aspect of the Landowners’ Toolbox project is voluntary.

Our partners include: Local ranchers and farmers, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, San Benito Agricultural Land Trust, San Benito Resource Conservation District, Bureau of Land Management, San Benito Firesafe Council, UC Cooperative Extension, Central Coast Rangeland Coalition, San Benito County Weed Management Area, Paicines Ranch, California Rangeland Trust, Rancher-to-Rancher Project, Pinnacles National Park, US Fish & Wildlife Service Partners for Wildlife Program, The Nature Conservancy, and others

This project has been supported with funding from the Rose Foundation’s California Wildlands Grassroots Fund, Pinnacles National Park, the Loma Prieta Resource Conservation District, and private donations.


  • Provide e-mail updates to landowners/managers and other partners on available tools, resources, events, and opportunities related to the protection and enhancement of working landscapes in San Benito County
  • Convene twice annual roundtable meeting of Working Landscape Group partners
  • Connect willing landowners and agencies/organizations around specific opportunities for sharing technical and financial resources to complete on-the-ground projects (e.g. invasive weed management, habitat improvements, conservation easements, etc.)
For more information or to sign up for e-mail updates, please contact: