More than 30 miles of established trails offer visitors access to the breathtaking views and rich cultural legacy found at Pinnacles. Many hikers and climbers have favorite routes that connect them to memorable experiences they had in the park, whether it was the first time they heard the rushing wind of a California condor soaring overhead, a family picnic by the reservoir or a sunset hike home after scaling a new pitch.

With limited federal funding for trail restoration and increasing numbers of park visitors, many of our trails are in peril. The park’s hardworking trail crews are stretched to the max removing hazards, maintaining pig fence, and removing graffiti from our park. They cannot protect all of the trails and climber access routes too.

Steep terrain, heavy use, and continual erosion degrade trails quickly. The tread on multiple trails is currently 10-12 inches below original grade level and eroding each year. Annual maintenance is required to keep trails clear of encroaching vegetation and remove hazards. In many locations, hiker shortcuts and walkarounds are causing additional damage and leading to confusing trail junctions where many hikers become disoriented and stray from their intended route.

That’s where you and other Pinnacles National Park Foundation supporters can help. You can help provide for the ongoing working of maintaining and rehabilitating trails to meet the needs of park users with your gift to our Trails Forever program. Park staff, skilled work crews and volunteers contribute to trail projects through hard work and meaningful service. By supporting much needed rehabilitation, restoration, and improvements to trails and climber access routes at Pinnacles National Park you become part of our legacy in ensuring the lasting protection of the park for current and future generations.

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